Sunshine Coast Newcomers

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The name of the organizations shall be: Sunshine Coast Newcomers and Sunshine Coast Newcomers Alumni. In the Guidelines we refer to Sunshine Coast Newcomers as SCN and the Sunshine Coast Newcomers Alumni as SCNA.


The SCNC is a member of the National Newcomers Association Canada (NNAC).


The SCNA has a separate Planning Committee, finances and activities. Please check their tab on the Newcomers website for more information.


The purpose of the Sunshine Coast Newcomers organization is to welcome newcomers to the Sunshine Coast to: introduce them to others, meet in friendship, encourage social events for members and acquaint them to the area.


SCN Luncheon meetings are held monthly. Meetings shall be publicized using the SCN website and local media outlets.

The SCN Planning Committee meets monthly.


The fiscal year shall begin July 01 and end June 30 of the following year.


The SCN Planning Committee will determine the membership dues. Annual membership dues shall be due and payable by the 1st day of July in each calendar year. Members are in good standing when they have paid the annual dues and have complied with the guidelines of the organization. A grace period to August 31st is provided after which date dues are outstanding, membership lapses and the names of lapsed members will be removed from the mailing list.

At present SCN dues are $12.00 per household (subject to change).

New members joining in May or June of the current fiscal year will be paid up to July 1st of the following year.

Note: this will cover membership dues until the end of June the following year. 

A person may apply for SCN membership and will be accepted if he/she meets the following criteria:

  • 19 years or older
  • has resided in the area of the Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Pender Harbour permanently for a period of time not greater than    36 months immediately prior to their application
  • completes the SCN registration form and pays the dues

if you are unsure of your eligibility to join SCN contact us at: [email protected]

A person ceases to be a member of SCN when:

  • member resigns         
  • annual dues are not paid
  • member fails to comply with the guidelines of the organization

Length of membership in SCN is limited to three years after which time members may transfer their membership to the SCNA, if they choose to continue to be an active Alumni member.

When a SCN member transfers to the SCNA the monthly portion of their dues will be transferred to the SCNA. Therefore the next membership dues would be payable the following July.

SCN members in good standing may take part in the activities of SCN, space and numbers permitting. Where space or numbers to an activity are limited, the activity is on a first-come/first-serve basis.

When joining the Sunshine Coast Newcomers Club, members acknowledge on their application form that no business solicitation is permitted. Therefore members with business information automatically attached to an email are required to remove all business names and logos when sending replies within the Newcomers membership.


Potential members may attend two activities before joining SCN.

Non-member spouses and partners may attend two events per month with a registered member. These non-member partners are not eligible to attend any Newcomers events alone.

Visiting family member(s) of a Newcomers member may be present if the Newcomers member is hosting in their own home and as long as the visitor(s) is/are adults.


SCN members are not to use club funds to purchase gifts of any kind for members.

SCN members are prohibited from using the membership list, any activity group or any meeting for the purpose of soliciting business or selling any product or service.

Distribution of the membership list to non-members for any reason is expressly prohibited.

The organization as a group or any of the activity groups sponsored by SCN will not take a stance on any issue nor will it promote a non-charitable cause of any kind.


SCN is strictly a social club. It is not the policy of SCN to allow the use of member information for external use.

Regarding businesses, service groups, community groups, non-profit groups and the like, it is not SCN policy to have them speak to, or distribute information to, a group of Newcomers for the purposes of profit. Speakers may be invited to speak to SCN meetings for information purposes, but these speakers are not to promote their businesses or groups. Printed materials may be displayed if they are for information purposes only e.g. fire safety, general community activity calendars, etc. once approved by the Planning Committee. The club is not responsible for the printing or accuracy of the information.

It is not SCN policy to speak to businesses, service groups, community groups, non-profit groups and the like.

The same would hold true if a member approaches the SCN to send out an invitation to our members for non-SCN purposes or asks for the mailing list(s) of either the SCN or SCNA so they could send out the invitation themselves.

Under no circumstances will the membership list(s) be distributed to any group or individual.  We ask members who have the data base or list to respect this rule.  Circulation outside of our organization without the permission of all listed members would be a violation of the Privacy Acts of Canada and B.C.  We do however make this list available to our members in good standing to respond to social events occurring within SCN and SCNA.


SCN shall be governed by a volunteer Planning Committee.

Meetings of the Planning Committee shall be held monthly. The final Planning Committee meeting at the end of each term shall be attended by both the outgoing and incoming Planning Committee members in June at which time all records shall be turned over to the new Planning Committee.

Committee members agree to a two year term with outgoing committee members replaced yearly. Exception:  Vice Chair is a one year position leading to the position of Chairperson the following year and to Past Chair in year three; therefore a three year commitment.

At Planning Committee meetings a quorum shall consist of one half of the Planning Committee. A motion will be carried with a vote of 50% + 1 of members present in favour.

A member holding a position on the Planning Committee ceases to hold that position if the member is no longer a member in good standing. The Planning Committee may consider removal of a Planning Committee member for failure to fulfill the requirements of the position or for acting in a manner that is detrimental to the purposes of SCN, upon a two thirds vote of the remaining Planning Committee members after notice has been given at the previous Planning Committee meeting.

No member of SCN has the authority to make any commitment on behalf of SCN without authorization from the Planning Committee.


  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership Coordinator
  • Website Coordinator
  • Events Coordinator
  • Member at Large
  • Past Chair

For details of Planning Committee Positions and Duties see on the SCN website: SUNSHINE COAST NEWCOMERS GUIDELINES PART II – PLANNING COMMITTEE POSITIONS and DUTIES.


Books and records of SCN may be inspected by any member of SCN upon arranging a time satisfactory to the Treasurer.

The Planning Committee is authorized to spend a maximum of $250.00 on behalf of SCN to be approved by a minimum of three members of the Planning Committee. An expenditure greater than $250.00 shall require majority approval of the Planning Committee.

The SCN will maintain a minimum balance of $500.00 to meet required annual expenses. These required expenses include but are not limited to liability insurance, membership to the National Newcomers Council of Canada and website fees.


No member of SCN shall receive any remuneration for services.


The Planning Committee is specifically prohibited from any borrowing or in any way creating a long-term financial liability of SCN.  A long-term liability is defined as any debt that would not be cleared during one calendar year.


These guidelines may be revised at any Planning Committee meeting of SCN by a favourable majority vote of the members present.

March 19, 2015

Amended Sept. 30, 2017