Sunshine Coast Newcomers

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  • this is a one year term preceded by one year as Vice Chair and followed by one year as Past Chair; therefore a three year commitment
  • official representative of SCN
    • liaison with the National Newcomer Association of Canada
  • maintains an ongoing dialogue with the Vice Chair so both the Chair and Vice Chair are aware of SCN happenings and correspondence
  • presides at meetings of SCN and the SCN Planning Committee
  • authorizes expenses
  • has signing authority for expenditures
  • Requests that the Treasurer submit the following registrations/reports and payments:
    • annual insurance
    • annual membership to the National Newcomers Association Canada
  • edits and approves Planning Committee minutes prior to distribution
  • initiates the call for new Planning Committee members for positions effective July 1st
  • provides copies of Planning Committee Positions and Duties to all incoming Planning Committee members
    • maintains an electronic copy of position duties
  • contacts SCNA regarding issues of common interest when required  
  • contacts members moving to Alumni and provides them with Alumni contact information
    • advises Alumni Chair of members moving to Alumni

Vice Chair

  • this is a one year position leading to the position of Chairperson the following year
  • presides in the Chairperson’s absence or upon request
  • maintains an ongoing dialogue with the Chair so both the Chair and Vice Chair are aware of SCN happenings and correspondence
  • contacts SCNA regarding issues of common interest when required 
  • replies to emails from perspective new members (cc to Chair)
  • discusses enquiries from outside interest groups with the Chair and where necessary with the Planning Committee
    • then replies to the outside interest group (cc to Chair)
  • has signing authority for expenditures
  • organizes the monthly SCN luncheon
    • liaison with the restaurant where luncheon is held
    • sets up sign in tables for luncheon attendees and new registrations
    • provides a list of people attending the luncheon and their name tags

    • prints name tags for use at monthly luncheons
    • prints membership application forms as needed
  • provides name tags to Past Chair for people moving to Alumni
  • coordinates the annual Christmas luncheon (see Planning Committee Notes below)

Past Chair

  • mentors the Chair on request
  • liaison between SCN and SCNA
  • attends Planning Committee meetings for both SCN and SCNA
  • does not have voting privileges on the SCN Planning Committee
  • has voting privileges on the Alumni Planning Committee if a member of Alumni


  • records minutes of each Planning Committee meeting
  • forwards minutes to the Chair and Vice Chair for review
    • forwards approved minutes to the Planning Committee
  • acts as caretaker for the minutes
    • provides electronic copies of all minutes, current and archived, to incoming Secretary
  • updates external publications (e.g. newspapers) with contact information for SCN
    • routinely checks these sites to make sure SCN information is accurate


  • acts as caretaker of the financial records of SCN
  • has signing authority, along with the Chair and Vice Chair
  • deposits funds, pays bills, prepares and maintains cash floats
  • on July 1st of each year pays dues to Alumni for all members moving to Alumni within a given fiscal year
  • researches financial related issues on request of the Chair/Vice-Chair, to assist the Planning Committee in making decisions (e.g. insurance policy details etc.)
  • prepares and presents an annual financial statement at the end of the fiscal year
  • collects dues from new members at monthly lunches, provides application forms and assists new members with registration
  • Submits payment and forms for Insurance and annual membership to the National Newcomers Association Canada

Membership Coordinator

  • keeps a record of active SCN members
    • receives and stores new member registration forms
    • maintains an up to date email list of all active members
  • distributes current membership lists to all members monthly and to new members as they join
  • on behalf of the Chair or Planning Committee receives and forwards to members by email:
  • Newsletters at request of Chair
  • event reminders at request of Events Coordinator
  • monthly lunch reminder to members at request of Vice Chair
  • other correspondence when requested

Website Coordinator

  • maintains SCN website
    • inputs website content approved by the Planning Committee
    • enters monthly activities on calendar
    • updates calendar when events are full
  • reviews Newcomers website List of Useful Websites each January and June or when web URL changes are reported or new sites identified 
    • updates website to reflect any changes identified in the review
    • addition of new sites to the list requires the approval of the Planning Committee

Events Coordinator

  • oversees existing SCNC activities and initiates new activities where interest is expressed
  • recruits conveners and ensures there is a convener for each activity
  • serves as liaison between the activity conveners and the Planning Committee
  • at the beginning of each month, emails coffee morning and pub night hosts with location, date and time of their event
  • writes Special Event reminders or assists the coordinator of an event with writing the reminder
    • ensures all the required information is in the email (date, location, etc.)
    • forwards reminders to the Membership Coordinator for distribution
  • acts as liaison for small groups active within SCN e.g. book clubs, card groups
  • provides sign-up sheets at monthly SCN luncheons for groups looking for participants

Member at


  • provides backup to the Events Coordinator
  • helps Vice Chair with monthly luncheon setup
  • helps with hosting events such as coffee mornings and pub nights
  • provides additional help to Planning Committee members when requested


Each Planning Committee member should set up a buddy system to take over for them in case that Planning Committee member cannot fulfill their responsibilities on a given month for any reason.

The Chair will select one Planning Committee member to proof read Chair’s notes prior to publishing.

Emails sent to the Membership Coordinator for distribution (e.g. event reminders) are to be written by the submitting PC member or convener and must be copied to the Chair and Vice Chair prior to distribution.

A motion passed by the Planning Committee, pertinent to the Guidelines and the role of future Planning Committees, should be added to the Guidelines within one month of the motion being passed.

All Planning Committee members are to assist with planning and implementing the Christmas Luncheon. The Vice Chair will coordinate Planning Committee responsibilities for this luncheon.

March 2017