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(Bacchus was the Greek god of wine)


"All good things in moderation: Please be moderate when drinking"

The Events Coordinator is delighted to help any host who volunteers their home for the evening. These tips should help ensure the host has a stress free evening.

If you would like to host a Bacchus, attend a couple of Bacchus events before volunteering. You will then appreciate how easy it is to host a Bacchus and that it is a nice social evening.

Choosing to serve the wines of one country or region is usually a good idea, but could also be a theme wine focus around the seasons, such as Halloween, Valentine, New Year etc...

Decide on the number of guests attending based on the size of group you are comfortable hosting and the number of guests you think your home will accommodate comfortably. Best numbers seem to be 16 to 30. 

Keep a list when attendees email you. Once you have reached your capacity keep a waiting list in case you have someone cancel. Advise the Events Coordinator when your event is full so that the calendar can be changed to reflect that the event is full.

The charge is $10 per person with everyone bringing an appetizer or sweet to share. “Finger foods” placed where everyone can nibble throughout the evening are preferred. Dips, cheeses, pates, grapes always seem popular.

Non-drinkers are welcome to attend but are still subject to paying pay $10. One week before the event everyone who has sent an RSVP is committed to paying the $10 unless an alternate is available. This is so the hosts do not have to absorb extra costs.

Two white and three red wines are a good option although this depends on the country/region. Don’t have all white or all red as some guests only drink one or the other.

Assume each bottle of wine will serve 10 individual tastings. The idea is not to have more than half a bottle in total for each person as that amount served over 3 hours with food is responsible consumption.

Juggle the number of wines to be tasted depending on the number of guests.  A maximum 5 different wines is to be offered.. Allow half a bottle of wine per person for the evening. Each bottle will serve 10 guests based on 75 millilitre measures. If there is some left over wine in a bottle after everyone received his/her portion, it needs to be taken away. Refills are not offered nor allowed.

Generally, for 16-20 guests provide 2 bottles of each wine type and for 26-30 guests, 3 bottles of each is sufficient. Count up the money you have and adjust accordingly. With 20 or 30 guests at $10 per person and 1/2 bottle per person the average cost of a bottle of wine is $20. (16 guests - $16 average etc.

A suggestion of how to split the wine money is:

        - 1 less expensive @ $10 to $12 (cheaper if you can get a reasonable one)
        - 3 medium priced @ $13 to $20
        - 1 more expensive with whatever you have left over

Generally serve whites before reds and lighter wines before heavier. Vary the prices, cheaper ones are just as welcome. Often guests learn of bargains which makes the evening very useful.

Read a description of each wine to your guests. Liquor stores can sometimes provide a description of the wine (often amazing). “Googling” wines can also produce great descriptions. Everything Wine in North Vancouver is very helpful. If guests request a list of the wines, emailing afterwards is a good option.

Have water available to cleanse the palate between each tasting and as an alternative for the drivers.

Guests should bring their own glasses but have extra glasses on hand for those who forget.

Think ahead who should be your servers. Choose 2 to 3 guests who will be responsible servers. Designated servers are the only ones to serve wine. This is very important!

Hosts are to train the servers before the wine tasting starts. Taking a few practice pours before helps to judge the 75 mls for each glass. The wine servers need to be aware of anyone who may not be consuming responsibly and to advise the host of any concerns. The host needs to be prepared to act if guests are not consuming responsibly, especially if the guest is driving home.

Once each person has had their 75 mls of each bottle any remaining parts of bottles should be put out of sight so guests cannot just help themselves to more wine. More than the 75 ml of each wine would not be responsible alcohol consumption.

You may wish to assign someone you know to collect the money. This can be discretely done at the door as guests arrive.

The Events Coordinator will be happy to help you with questions on planning your event.

About one week before your event please email your guests and remind them of your upcoming Bacchus. Remind them to please bring an appetizer or sweet, the $10 per person, their own wine glass and lastly, provide your address and instructions if necessary. Then get ready to have an enjoyable evening.

Example of reminder email:

                Hello everyone

                ...........and I are looking forward to hosting the upcoming Bacchus on (date) at (time). The wine has been purchased and we look

                forward to an enjoyable evening.  Please remember to bring a savoury or sweet to share, $10 per person and your own wine glass.

                Our address and phone number are.................(instructions if necessary).

                See you then. Thanks, ……..

                PS If you cancel within one week of a Bacchus you will still need to pay the cost per person for the event, unless a replacement is found,

                 due to the expenses related to hosting this event. 

** Note: "All things in moderation. Please be moderate when drinking." As a host, you need to be prepared to act if guests are not consuming alcohol responsibly, especially if the guest is driving home.


Amended June 2017