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Hosting a Pot Luck Dinner


The objective of a Potluck is to have a relaxed, fun, easy evening of socializing where everyone contributes.

The Events Coordinator is delighted to help any host who volunteers their home. These tips should ensure the host has a stress free evening.


Hosting a potluck is very easy....You provide the home, decide on the number of guests you can accommodate comfortably, choose the date and time. Keep a list when guests email you, until you have reached your capacity. You may wish to keep a waiting list in case you have someone cancel.

Guests may ask you to suggest what you would like them to bring. In general have guests bring food so that you will have one third each of appetizers, salad/mains, and dessert. This helps to make a more balanced food event.

Guests are asked to bring:

        - their own plates
        - food to share
        - their own beverage of choice

The host provides a potluck dish, napkins, coffee, tea, and water.

About one week before the potluck please email your guests and remind them of your upcoming Potluck and to please bring their own plates, cutlery, and drinking glass as well as the dish to share and their own beverage. Then get ready to have really enjoyable evening!

Example of reminder email:

Hello everyone

                ...........and I are looking forward to hosting the upcoming Potluck on (date) at (time). Please remember that in addition to bringing your dish to      

                share you will also need to bring your plate, cutlery, drinking glass and your own beverage.

                Our address and phone number are.................(instructions if necessary).

                Thanks, ……..

** Note: "All things in moderation. Please be moderate when drinking."

As a host, you need to be prepared to act if guests are not consuming alcohol responsibly, especially if the guest is driving home.


Amended March 2017